Mickel Farm in Camden, NY

Mickel Farm in Camden offers Fresh Turkeys and organic farm fresh eggs, vegetable, fruits, livestock and more. With more than 100 acres of land, this farm grows tomatos, beans, onion, squash, egg plants, beets, and many other variety of vegetables. This Farm offers the "farm expierience" to its customers. Whether it's admiring the Brahma roosters that parade the property or getting an earful of Tom-Tom's gobble it will be worth the trip.

Fresh Organic Free RangeTurkeys

About the Farm

Our Farmland was settled before the Civil War. Nestled in the small Town of Camden NY. The land runs parallel to the famous Fish Creek. Surrounded by crystal clear springs. It became a dairy farm over the years with over 100 head of cattle browsing its fields. At the top of the hill, lies ancient Sugar maples which pour its goodness into our bottles. We are the second owners in almost 2 centuries to share its fertile land. The cows are now gone but we kept the original name and Mickel Farm it will remain.

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